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Creative Equation is a creative branding and advertising force based in Marin, California specializing in all types of print media and graphic design. With over twenty years of experience in design and marketing, Creative Equation listens with great detail to a variety of business challenges every day and focuses on unique, relevant solutions which help engage and maintain customers on a deeper level. From napkin sketches to large, international distribution, we have successfully completed several high profile projects for many highly valued Fortune 500 and independent clients. We’re always looking forward to the next challenge and creating a unique brand presence for each unique client.

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Some of the most successful brands impact our decisions towards the emotions we want to feel. Certain visual cues have emotional anchors. Our meticulous brand creation strategies help establish these connections that help solidify long-term results for our customers.


Effective design is a result of successfully responding to customers’ needs and desires. Connecting your brand with a good experience is our primary focus. We strengthen the emotional connection between your brand and your desired market.


Your brand is the ambassador between your product or service and your audience. More than just solutions that demand attention, our mission strives to create brands that stick. Ask us how we can make your brand exciting and memorable.

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